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10 World's Hottest Chilli

You like spicy foods?? You may know the hottest chilli in the world ..
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10. Bell pepper

Scoville rating: 0
Bell pepper is usually found in four colors, namely red, yellow, green, orange. Bell Pepper sometimes grouped into a less spicy chili, or "sweet peppers". But there are rare white pepper and violet, depending on where they planted and what varieties of them. Green pepper taste is more bitter than the red peppers, yellow or orange.

9. Pimento

Scoville rating: 100-500
Pimento peppers or chili cherry is a large, red heart-shaped, the length between 7-10 cm 5-7 cm wide. Including sweet flesh, juicy and more flavorful than the red peppers. However the several varieties of Pimento is quite spicy. Pimento or pimentão itself is a Portuguese language from the "bell pepper".

8. Anaheim Pepper

Scoville rating: 500-2500
Anaheim's name is actually the name of a region. The name was given because there is a farmer named Emilio Ortega brought these seeds to the Anaheim peppers at the beginning of 1900. Other designations are the California Chile or Magdalena. This chilli varieties grown in New Mexico has a higher level of spiciness, which is about 4500 to 5000 Scoville units.

7. Jalapeño

Scoville rating: 2500-8000
Rich eggplant shape, but it's not eggplant, jalapeno chili's. This has included hot chili, and it can give a burning sensation when eaten (spicy). This chili length of 5-9 cm. Chilli is from Mexico. In Mexico there is an area of ​​160 sq km which is only used for this type of pepper plant! Region, especially in the valley of the river Papaloapan, north of Veracruz.

6. Serrano Pepper
Scoville rating: 10000-23000
Chilli is also from Mexico, in the mountains of Mexico. Taste spicy bite, more spicy than a jalapeno, and usually eaten raw - raw. Its form is similar to cayenne pepper from Indonesia, but this is a different species.

5. Cayenne pepper

Scoville rating: 30000-50000
Red Chillies! Really shows the chilli peppers her through the color. It's called Cayenne Chilli Pepper, or Guinea, or Bird Pepper. This chili is a spicy red pepper, used for cooking or for medical purposes. Its name comes from the city of Cayenne in French Guiana. Chillies are used to spicy dishes, either in whole or powder form. Even the chili is also used for herbal.

4. Thai Pepper
Scoville rating: 50000-100000
Thai Pepper in Indonesian. Cabe Rawit, Sunda. Cengek, Thailand Thai. KHI phrik พริก ขี้หนู nu, Tagalog. siling labuyo. This chili is widely available in Thailand and its neighbors such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and surrounding areas. It turned out that the Indonesia's strong spicy, chili evidence that the usual "eat" every day it was in the fourth.

3. Habanero pepper
Scoville rating: 100000-350000
This chili pepper is one of the most scathing in its genus, the capsicum. When the green raw, when ripe orange or red color. But sometimes looks too white, brown and even pink! Length of about 2-6 cm. This chili came from Yucatan and the area around its shores. Chili's name is derived from the Cuban city, a city in La Habana. Although it is not the place of origin, but the chili is widely sold there.

2. Red Savina Pepper
Scoville rating: 350000-580000
This chili is a special variety of the Habanero pepper, which is bred specifically to have a more spicy chili, large and heavy. Frank Garcia in Walnut, Calif. is the developer of Red Savina chili was. The method is still confidential and not public knowledge. This chili holds the record for hottest chili in the world from 1994 to 2006 and recorded by Guinness World Records. But in February 2007, this chili to step down from his throne, was defeated by the current in one.

1. Bhut Jolokia
Scoville rating: 855000-1050000
Chilli has been confirmed by Guinness World Records as the hottest chili in the world, replacing the Red Savina. This chili came from Assam in northeastern India, this pepper is also grown in Nagaland and Manipur. There is little doubt about the species of this chili, whether entered into the capsicum frutescens or capsicum chinense, but based on DNA tests in mind that this is a hybrid species, with dominant capsicum chinense and capsicum frutescens bit.

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